Friday, June 10, 2022

Bi-monthly meeting with Divisional Head on 09.06.2022

 The bi-monthly meeting between the SPOs, Bankura Division and Divisional leadership of NFPE, Bankura took place on 09.06.2022 at the chamber of the SPOs. A team comprised of 

  1. Com. Tushar Kanti Sarkar,
  2. Com. Somenath Chatterjee,
  3. Com. Samir Mondal,
  4. Com. Ashim Mukherjee,
  5. Com. Nityananda Barik &
  6. Com. Asim Gupta
were present in the meeting. A number of agendas were discussed. The meeting was concluded with the expectation that the issues would be resolved soon by the local administration.